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Finance Status Group Limited - finance-status.com

Место для Вашего баннера!

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Online Date : 2019-8-28

Investment Plans: 100.9-101.1% after 1 day - 109-113% after 8 days - 139-144% after 21 days - 3.2-3.6% daily for 6 monthis

Min Spend : 100 RUB

Referral Commission : 5-3% ( Not with plan Start )

Withdrawal Type Manual

Licensed Script

DDoS Protection by DDOS-Guard

Accpet Payment : Perfectmoney, Payeer.

About Project :
Finance Status - progressive online product released in the network in the 4 quarter of 2018. We serve private and corporate clients, specializing in trust management of monetary funds. The availability and liquidity of our proposals makes cooperation profitable and convenient, and with the creation of the online resource, the clients were given the opportunity to apply our strategies from the comfort of home! Thus, the interaction was not only mobile, but available to a wider audience of citizens.
Time does not stand still, the investment market is in constant motion and our product, as part of the market is no exception. In the 4th quarter of 2018, the company has significantly masstival its activities, by launching the online platform, which has been isolated and implemented the most effective strategies.
In the first years of its activities, the specialists of "Finance Status" could offer tools that generate stable high income is ensured a high demand for products of the financial group with a broad range of capital owners. It was then formulated a key mission of the company is to provide clients access to the best investment strategies based on effective use of quantitative and traditional methods of analysis and forecasting. What helps, we have developed a platform - Finance Status.
By creating this resource, the company was able not only to expand the offer by answering a growing demand in the field of investment, but to increase the volume of its foreign exchange funds, which ultimately cemented the reliability of the financial group as a whole. The Foundation on which rested the success of our activities is a good risk management and strict discipline. To the appearance on the market negative dynamics are very difficult to prepare, however, built a system of risk management and asset allocation allows you to survive the market turmoil with minimal losses, and sometimes to avoid them altogether.
Today, "Finance Status" provides consulting services and money management for private investors and businesses, providing professional advice on asset management in Russia and in global markets. One of the main objectives of the company is proper identification of needs and selection of the most suitable investment solutions. We are focused exclusively on long-term customer, so always focus on strategic planning in the management of finances.

Refback : http://invest-analysis.org/?a=details&lid=1999

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Ого, так здесь реально действующее предприятие :p в Уфе зарегистрировано
Адрес: г. Уфа, ул. Цюрупы, стр. 151.Телефон:г. Уфа — 8 (347) 25 88-99-5г. Москва — 8 (495) 128-42-28
Реально круто :cool:

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