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Keymat Club - keymat.club

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I'm not the administrator of the project and the theme established for review

Start 04/01/2021


The Keymat platform allows not only investing and making money together with an experienced team that shares the total profit with their partners. Using the resource, you can create, launch, and successfully monetize your own network projects. The administration on the pages of the site stated that less than 60 minutes is enough to launch them. The creation of partner structures on the club's platform applies to all areas of the ecosystem.

The preparation of the Keymat club official website corresponds to the scale and design of the entire ecosystem. Let's consider the internal token and its variants. KM tokens are credited to the balance after the account is replenished, they are irrevocable. After sending KM to seizing, dividends are accrued to KMD, which can already be withdrawn. In KMR, accruals are made on the affiliate program. They are available for withdrawal, and they can also be sent for staking. Internal transfers between participants are possible. You can create your own project.

The interest of the administration lies in the commission from the services provided, which include:

(1)services for the individualization and placement of highly profitable projects;
(3)your KM token;
(4)trading on the stock exchange;
(5)crypto loans.

Expansion of activities and many other profitable areas are expected. By investing in the internal token of the Keymat platform, the user participates in equity crowdfunding.

However, the main income is expected to come from the placement of various proven projects. A striking proof is the completely new project "Insane Turbo 4".


No fixed liability, dividend system, which depends on the success of the site for the reporting period (25-30 days)

Keymat offers tremendous opportunities not only for active users. Passive income is also an important component of the entire ecosystem. Moreover, if you consider that profit is accrued from all services provided by the platform. The amount of income, although not fixed, is impressive. However, like everything related to the resource, the investment component is tied to the internal KM tokens. Up to 50% of the ecosystem's profits will be automatically distributed among holders of the KMD token.

Token KM is staked and cannot be withdrawn. All income will go to the investor's balance in KMD tokens. A rate in the range of 10 KM - 10,000 KM is available per account. When the deposit is increased by 5 times, dividends are stopped. For further participation in passive income on the Keymat club platform, you need to make a new investment. Since the start of the launch, TRX has been available to purchase the internal token.


The Keymat club referral system provides incentives up to 40% of the turnover. Active participants for project promotion can count on rewards from 6 levels of the structure. Just to activate each line of the structure, you need to fulfill some requirements. Consider these conditions starting from 1 to 6, it is necessary:

(1)Participation in any direction in the amount of 100 KM.
(2)Invest at least 200 KM and have at least 3 members with the first level.
(3)To the conditions of the 2nd level, you need to add 1 partner with an open 2nd level and the total turnover of 3000 KM.
(4)All of the above, plus a total turnover of 10,000 KM.
(5)Completely coincides with point 4.
(6)Add a total turnover of 25,000 KM to the conditions of line 4.

Each level will bring the leader 15% of the partner's participation in any project, staking or purchase of a founder's license.

The rest of the details of the affiliate program and leadership ranks can be found on the website.

Available payment systems:
TRX, BNB (USDT, BTC, ETH - in plans)

Minimum deposit: $ 10
Minimum withdrawal: $ 10
Payment type: Manual 72 hours

My contribution is $1014: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x8a34995ed1360efae35c0d13dbf54b37248377970362f1d47b3791f9f864d732

Register: https://me.keymat.club/r?r=TXY3fmD

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