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I am not admin or owner of this project, this topic is just a review.

Started: 2020-05-24


Our company consists of highly qualified professionals in marketing, digital technology and financial analysis spheres that come from global corporations.

With extensive experience in creating competitive our products are finally able to carry out our Opus Magnum – EXPO platform.

Our mission lies in the global development of a next-gen platform that allows participants to achieve financial wellbeing by invest in tech products and provide transparent and efficient wealth distribution among platform users. This platform contains a full set of products and related materials that deliver profitable opportunities via our services.

High tech projects for digital world is our company’s main development direction. EXPO R&M is destined to bring you to a whole new level!


It is impossible to achieve desired turnover and swiftly gain a large user base without innovative solutions and dedication to create new profitable opportunities.

We utilize Bayesian statistics to describe a limit order market dynamics math model based on the intensity of order arrivals which allows us to calculate the probabilities of the asset price increase and duration until the next price change.

Combined with machine learning technologies, it allows us to faultlessly analyze the state of the market and provide extremely accurate and profitable trading signals. Integration of automatically trained technical indicators, developed using predictive analysis technology, that process arrays of statistical data from global markets in real time provides faultless trading signals on asset price market dynamics.

This allows users to profit off well-timed market decisions based on indicators. Platform’s functionality leaves competitors far behind with these advanced features:

(1)Over 100 technical indicators at your service
(2)Advanced risk management techniques

EXPO PLAN (6 months)

EXPO1: $10
Personal income up to $27,672
Participation in EXPO network provides exclusive profitable opportunities and deals on EXPO products

EXPO2: $50
Personal income up to $138,361
Subscription to EXPO Mail “SaaS” functionality
EXPO Telegram Wallet + Exchange fee reduced by 10%

EXPO3: $150
Personal income up to $415,084
Access to insider info about cryptocurrency market dynamics.
25% discount on EXPO Pay Merchant services.

EXPO4: $300
Personal income up to $830,169
Access to EXPO Mobile Wallet internal project
Additional income from your referral’s operations in EXPO Telegram Wallet + Exchange

EXPO5: $500
Personal income up to $1,383,615
EXPO Telegram Wallet + Exchange fee reduced by 30%
Additional income from your referral's activity in CryptoCaps.

EXPO PLAN REWARDS:up to 10 levels


Personally invited user (placed at any level): 20%

Main advantage of EXPO Plan’s marketing approach is the advanced ternary tree system that allows to achieve transparent and efficient distribution of funds among participants.

A user can only invite 3 participants to Line 1. If more users are invited, each of them will be placed into a lower available Line. Due to this, every user can be subject to "network movement" and gain rewards from users invited by corresponding upline members

Ternary tree fills up from left to right. So you can get passive income from your sponsor's referrals, without need to personally invite users.


- User 1 has referred 3 users to his Level 1.
- Now, when User 1 invites 2 more users, they will be placed on Level 2.
- This way, a Level 1 referral gets 2 users on his Level 1

To gain profits on EXPO Plan package purchases of any category, a user must also purchase a corresponding or higher tier package


User 1 has purchased the EXPO5 package and his Level 1 referral has purchased the EXPO3 package.

If a Level 2 referral purchases EXPO4 package, Level 1 referral won’t get profits, since his package is of a lower tier. In this case, Level 1 referral is not taken into account by the network and User 1 will get 10% profits from package purchase.

Corresponding or higher tier Plan package required.

СOMPANY’SSHARES (7%-20% monthly income + Share price grow)

HOLDING PERIOD IS 365 DAYS. Shares can be sold back a year after the date of initial purchase. Selling price will differ significantly from the original price of purchase.

On every 1st and 15th date of each month, starting June 15, 2020.
The day before dividend distribution, the company publishes a financial statement, detailing income sources and calculations of dividends.
up to 25 level commission from team member buying

Daily Withdrawal Limit: $10000

Payment Options: PerfectMoney, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, Tether(ERC20), WAVES

Register: https://expo.biz/ref/BYH5W7

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